Emma Roberts Backtracks Her Nick Jonas Hate

Emma Roberts made a statement about cutie Nick Jonas, mentioning how she thought he was cute but that she was not impressed by his dating record with young Hollywood It girls. However, at Saturday's Kids Choice Awards, Emma tried desperately to make amends. She wrote a note to Nick confessing her love, apologizing for the quote, signing her name with a heart AND providing her phone number.
We think girl shouldn't have talked smack in the first place. We hate her "holier than thou 'tude" and strongly advise Nick not to dial that number!
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Credit Story & Photo: JustJaredJr.

Whitney Port and Jay Lyon Together Again

As much as Jay has caused some disappointment in the past, we can't help but love seeing these two back together. Jay's precious Australian accent and Whitney's bomb style are too great of a combo to hate.
Love It or Hate It?

Credit Photo: JustJared, PacificCoastNewsOnline

Ashley Tisdale... Perez Hilton's B-Day @ The Viper Room

Ashley Tisdale, with pal Samantha Droke, hit up the gossip queen's birthday bash looking fly in ripped jeans, bomb peep toe ankle boots and both girls topped their looks of with cool leather jackets.
Love It or Hate It?

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